Track HN


Track HN ( is a project to track, archive, visualize and analyze data from Hacker News.

Created by Nami W.


live data demo - story score and rank history

*: data available for stories submitted after April 2024

browser extension

I’ve created a browser extension to add score/rank history chart to HN website.

Track HN Browser Extension
Track HN Browser Extension


I’ve publicized several dashboards to help analyze the data, here are some of them:

Stories Data Overview

Stories Data Overview
Single Stories Data Overview

Single Story Analysis

Single Story Analysis
Single Story Analysis

components & stacks

This projects consists of several components, some are WIP. I’m working on publishing and open sourcing most of them.


help needed

I’m inviting sponsorship for computing and database resources to host a medium-load web application. I’m also open to explore other data analysis/visualization solutions. If you are interested, please contact me.


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